Ages 12+ | 2-5 Players | 20 Minutes
(crash of games)

Each player competes in the freight yard, trying to be the first to load his or her train. Collect cargo like coal, timber and livestock to buy cars for loading. But you better hurry before your opponents grab the cars you need to win.

Unfortunately, Yardmaster is no longer available for new purchase, as it was published by Crash Games, which is no longer around. You may be able to find it as an aftermarket purchase.

Aramini Circus
Aramini Circus

An amazing colorful race with animals!
Ages 8+ | 2-4 Players | 20 Minutes

It’s time for your company to move to the next city, and this time, you will be the first circus to get there!

Gather your ferocious tigers, your performing fish, your polar bears, then make them fit inside your train cars! Arrange the most incredible train ever seen to become the best Ringmaster of all time!

“Aramini Circus” is a smart and short card game that will have you race for victory!

This game is a re-imagining of “Yardmaster” that was published in Europe only and unfortunately is not available in the U.S. However, Crash of Games has announced that they will be publishing the English version of it sometime in the first half of 2017

You can learn more about game play through Iello’s How to Play Video.


Ages 12+ | One Player | 20 Minutes
(web published)

One letter at a time, build the best words you can. Each time you grab a letter, it will cause the letters above to cascade down, creating an ever-shifting play area in this challenging solo word game.

“Flipside” also plays great as a co-op if you’re looking for a multi-player experience!

You can learn more about game play or purchase it at The Game Crafter.

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